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Conception, over these 18 years, performs the Works, Remodeling and Maintenance withtechniques and innovative solutions, always conciliating Quality-Price, in the most diverse areas:
  • Housing: houses, apartments, buildings, interior renovations
  • Trade: shops in Malls, shops and Traditional Trade
  • Catering: Restaurants, cafes, bars ( or in shopping centers)
  • Tourism: Hotels, rural Tourism and Residential
  • Units Education and Recreation: Schools, Kindergartens, Gymnasiums.
  • Health: pharmacies, Medical Center, Clinics.
Projeto de Arquitectura, Projeto de Especialidades e Obra Total - Grupo Conception

“We believe that the success of our company, depends on the relationships and trust that we want to deserve from our clients.”

Pedro Rebelo Paiva - Grupo Conception

Pedro Rebelo de Paiva

Architect • Project Works Director

During the course of Architecture, he worked with some of the leading Architects of the city of Lisbon, ending the same in 1999.

Between 2000 and 2001 he attended a postgraduate course in Building Restoration, going through the first year of the Civil Engineering Course between 2002 and 2003.

But it was in 2001 that he decided to go ahead with the company Conception with the objective of covering several services in the area of Projects and Works, offering its customers a totally personalized accompaniment to the present day.

Carlos Rebelo de Paiva

Construction Manager

Before joining the project GRUPOCONCEPTION, in his long professional career, he was Technical Director of several companies, through the German multinational group Einhell where he spent several years acquiring a vast experience, a great asset contributing to the growth and development of our Group.

Carlos Rebelo de Paiva - Grupo Conception

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